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TV Removal & Recycling in Seattle

Do you have an old television set that you don’t know how to dispose of properly? You’re not the only one. Washington residents discard more than 1 million televisions and monitors every year. Let us remove and recycle the television for you. We come directly to that old television's location to give you your space back. After the removal of TV sets, our first instinct is to donate them locally. Although televisions can sometimes be difficult to donate, they are actually 98% recyclable and contain non-renewable resources such as zinc, nickel and copper. Because of the resources available in the Seattle area, all these materials can be recovered or reused.

Remember, with Angel’s there is never any need to leave the unwanted items at the end of your driveway, the curb or in your garage. We go where the items are located so don’t waste your energy or risk back injury moving that old TV set. Call 877-744-JUNK today for our on-site services.

Television Removal and Recycling by Angel's

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Seattle Television Garbage Ban

Ever since the end of 2005, there has been a King County ban against disposing televisions in the trash. This ban came after a similar ban in Seattle and Snohomish County. The reason for this ban is the lead content. Lead is a poison that can cause nervous system damage. Lead has been placed in televisions to protect users from radiation inside the TV. Unfortunately, when crushed in the disposal process, this lead can leak out. An old TV set can contain up to eight pounds of lead. This lead can escape into waterways and poison the environment.

Fortunately in Washington State, as of January 1, 2009 household consumers, charities, small businesses and schools are no longer charged for proper drop off of televisions and monitors. In the first year 22.3 million pounds of old TVs were taken for free to recycling centers.

Removable and Recyclable Products

  • Televisions
  • VCRs
  • Radios
  • PC Monitors
  • DVD Players
  • Stereos
  • Apple Products
  • Other Electronics

The removal and recycling efforts of old televisions have no effect on the final bill to the customer. When estimating a project we never add any extra fees for televisions of any size. These items are simply factored into our volume based pricing strategy.

Recycling a Television Yourself

While many local charities do not accept old television sets anymore there are still options for responsible disposal of your old TV in the Greater Seattle Area. It is extremely important to be familiar with who you dispose your old television. Unethical recycling firms charge substantial fees to recycle old televisions and then ship the items overseas. If you wish to recycle your TV yourself, you can do so at the listed locations under our television recycling center guide.

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