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Have you decided to update your home with some new carpeting? Are you a property manager or real estate professional that has decided to increase the value of your assets with some modern carpeting? Don’t throw that old carpeting into the dumpster, moving that heavy old carpeting can cause injury and fills our landfills with reusable resources. Trust the professionals at Angel’s Junk removal to do the work for you.

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Responsible Use and Disposal of your Carpeting

Dumping carpets and textiles in the landfill are a wasted resource because the fibers can be reused by re-manufacturing the items into things such as new carpeting or insulation. When textiles are in good condition, they can be reused into rags, which in turn can be recycled into paper. Please see our recycling locations page to find out where to recycle your unwanted carpeting.

Removing the Carpeting

For extremely laborious projects, additional hourly fees are required.


Did you know that 90% of the carpeting produced in the world comes from Dalton, Georgia? As a matter of fact, the city boasts over 150 carpet producing plants. The story of how this began in 1895 when a teenage girl named Catherine Evans Whitener gave her brother a tufted bedspread as a wedding gift. Because interest spread in Catherine’s bedspreads, she was able to make her first sale five years later. By the 1930s, popularity in the bedspreads had grown so much that a cottage industry of 10,000 area tufters had grown and the city was known as “the Bedspread Capital of the World”.

After the Second World War, a form of mechanized carpet making was developed. Dalton became the center of the new industry because of the specialized tufting skills of the residents.

Manufacturers began to develop techniques to move from regular tufted carpet to sculpted carpet by the early 1970s. With improved patterning, stain and wear resistance, and colors have made tufted carpet the preference for functional carpet for the vast majority of homes and moved woven carpet to a decorative role.

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